What would you risk to save the greatest friend you’ve ever had?


When ten-year-old Justin is doomed to be at a cottage for the summer with a sister he can’t stand, a brother who won’t leave him alone and a father who ignores him, he is sure to have the worst summer of his life. But then, something extraordinary happens; something you have to see to believe....


Justin braves the woods in search of the unthinkable – an eight-foot creature walking on two legs. Then, in a moment that leaves him breathless, all doubt is gone. Bigfoot is real. The mysterious creature has saved his life!


In an effort to be his friend, Justin not only discovers this “monster” is a gentle giant but he is in danger of the forest's most villainous predator: Man. Now, Justin must find the courage to stop those bigger than him in order to help the friend he loves, even if that means risking his own life.


In a heartwarming tale of friendship between a little boy and a legendary creature, a sworn promise to save the endangered Bigfoot brings a family together. Experience the incredible story of an unforgettable union, an unbreakable vow and a bond that makes the unlikely, heroes.

“It was incredible.  I had a tear running down my cheek and yet I was laughing.” 


—  Daniel, Director

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When an ignored little boy  befriends a bigfoot and discovers human-like ape is in danger, he teams up with his sister to save the mysterious creature and set it free.



Yetis.  Yowies.  Ebu Gogos.  Sasquatch.  No matter what you call them, the legend of the Bigfoot has been captivating theorists and regular people around the world since the 15th century but has been spoken about in stories for thousands of years.  From their seven-foot-tall ape-like bodies, heavy footsteps, extraordinary strength and  shy demeanour, the creature has remained an international unsolved mystery.


As a Russian legend goes, Zara, an ape-woman believed to be a Yeti, was captured in the 19th century before living with nobleman Edgi Genaba.  She had four half-human children, and it’s said that their descendants still exist today.


In 1958, Gerald Crew found and cast a huge footprint that would soon be identified as “Bigfoot” by the Humble Times.  Although Gerald’s sons claim he made the cast from a wooden foot he’d built, more Bigfoot prints have been found since.  Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum, an Anthropologist, theorized that the steps weren’t a fraud--unless the “fake feet” had flexible toes.


The Official Skamania County Ordinance takes the creature very seriously. They even went as far as to prevent tourists from bothering Bigfoot too much:  “The Sasquatch, Yeti, Bigfoot, or giant hairy ape are declared to be endangered species of Skamania County and there is hereby created as a sasquatch refuge.”


It’s no surprise, since Bigfoot hunts have gone on around the world for ages--everyone wants to get him on camera. But the only existing footage that hasn’t been disproved is Gilmin and Patterson’s classic clip of a tall ape-man roaming through the woods.  Although disbelievers might chalk it up to special effects, makeup or costume, Meldrum believes the creature’s muscle movements show that many features, especially his ankles, aren’t human.


In the Bigfoot capital of the world, Willow Creek California, there is a story of a boy who was lost in the woods for two days, before mysteriously showing up on the side of the road. He said that a “big, hairy man” put him there.

It couldn’t have been his imagination… could it?

Bigfoot and the Burtons is a film for all the Bigfoot lovers and children.  It represents Bigfoot in an authentic way in a story with meaning.  Even if you don’t believe in Bigfoot, the film will make you want to!



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