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The Legend of Linova ~ Book 1:  The Lamplighter's Daughter

Genre:  Fantasy & Adventure, Children's Fiction

Author:  Jupiter

What if on your tenth birthday you were chased through the empty streets by strange beasts and then disappeared into thin air?  No, it's not a dream.  That is exactly what Sarah Hull experienced. Of course she reappears but it is in a different place and year--sometimes in the future; sometimes in the past; but not home where she left her poor father behind.

Zapped into a different time, Sarah meets Jack Wheeler, an arrogant boy who has the same problem as her--including their biggest problem--the beasts that continuously hunt them down. Together, Sarah and Jack try to survive as their untimely adventure unravels secrets of who they really are and pits them against an enemy that makes the beasts seem like pussy cats.

Life will never be the same, nor will the world as they know it.  Even worse, they may never be able to return home.

In this thrilling new adventure, there is much to discover before the end... and home isn't what you think.

Published by Morgan James Publishing

The Lamplighter's Daughter_FRONT COVER.j
The King of Egypt

Genre:  Historical Fiction, Drama

Author:  J.J. Makins

In a time of war... power, pride and betrayal reign.  Love can only hope.

Raised a warrior, Tigris, crowned Nitiqreti, is the first female pharaoh. With a beauty that can bring men to their knees and a power that reaps respect from her army, she is prepared to take on any enemy.  But when a self-proclaimed king threatens to conquer her throne, Tigris is ready to declare war but could never be ready for what is about to unfold....

An impossible love story and a powerful war story that unfolds tragedy.


"If you loved Troy, Cleopatra or Romeo & Juliete, you'll love The King of Egypt!"

A Frog's Heart

Genre:  Fairytale, Fantasy, Children's Fiction

Author:  Jupiter

Prince Sunray has the perfect life until he's cursed by his jealous cousin.  Now, he must find his courage and believe in himself to save his kingdom.

A fairytale about a prince for boys and girls because there are a lot of princesses out there.

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