Bigfoot and the Burtons

Director:  Jupiter J. Makins

Screenwriter:  Jupiter J. Makins

Genre:  Family Adventure


When an ignored little boy bonds with Bigfoot and discovers the human-like ape is in danger, he teams up with his sister to set the mysterious creature free.

Runtime:  93 minutes

Sales Contact:  Crogan FilmWorks

Bully Fighters

Director:  Jupiter J. Makins

Screenwriter:  Jupiter J. Makins

Genre:  Social Justice

A passionate attorney takes three teens to court for bullying on manslaughter charges after they bully a girl into committing suicide.

Runtime:  25 minutes

Sales Contact:  Film Media

Last Ten

Director:  Jupiter J. Makins

Screenwriter:  Jupiter J. Makins

Genre:  Dark Comedy


When a man discovers he has only ten days left to live, he doesn't ask for forgiveness he gets fucked.

Runtime:  8 minutes

Status:  in post production

Real Thoughts

Director:  Jupiter J. Makins

Screenwriter: Jupiter J. Makins

Genre: Comedy, Webseries


The alter egos of people reveal their real thoughts that are better left unsaid.

Runtime:  N/A

Status:  in development

Unknown Caller

Directors:  The Olson Brothers

Screenwriter: Jupiter J. Makins

Genre: Psychological Thriller


Racing against time, a man must help his family escape their home that has been turned into a time bomb by a phone caller who demands they play his game.

Runtime:  103 minutes

Sales Contact:


Director:  Derek Vitatoe

Screenwriters: Jupiter J. Makins

Genre: Crime Drama/Thriller


A self-reliant private eye must team up with a cop when her gay client disappears soon after same sex marriage becomes legal.

Runtime:  80 minutes

Sales Contact: