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To you, the reader... I am your biggest fan.  Without you my existence would be meaningless.  Thank you!

Jupiter J. Makins

I LOVE telling stories.

When I'm not slaying beasts, traveling through time or creating magic... I'm living in the real world trying to share the stories I've dreamed up.  Having a true passion for storytelling, I'm not just an author.  I'm a screenwriter.  A director.  And, to help make sure my stories get told, a producer of films. 


I can't say I like one medium more than the other.  Writing novels and writing screenplays are very different on page but I think, in my mind, they are both the same.  Whether it's a book or script I'm writing, the story plays like a movie in my mind and I transcribe what I see onto paper.  I feel every emotion and experience--the love, joy, anger, sadness of my characters.  I get lost in other worlds and lives and sometimes I even wonder if I created them or if I discovered them.

Story Inspiration



& Secrets

Want to know how The Legend of Linova:

The Lamplighter's Daughter came to be? 

Discover some fun facts, interesting truths and hear

a cool story or two?  I'll tell you if you click the video.

How I came up with the story

How I came up with the story

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